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Prince William

The benefits of having regular facials are that they help to unclog your pores, even out your skin tone, rejuvenate the skin and stimulates collagen which in turn helps to combats fine lines and wrinkles. One if the best ways to stop the aging process is simply to wear applying sunscreen summer and winter (SPF 50 and broad spectrum coverage) this will help to prevent sun damage that ages the skin.

Prince William, like us all will have lost of skin structure as he ages as the boney skull becomes smaller and our skin loses volume in what we call the reverse triangle. To keep skin looking glowing aesthetic  practitioners can choose to inject skin boosters to give that extra pop to the skin and add hydration, growth factors and peptides. These infusion of nourishing ingredients helps to deeply hydrate and reinvigorate the skin which is ideal for anyone looking to address pigmentation, dull or dry skin and signs of ageing. A chemical peel can also be used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture/tone, minimise the appearance of pore size, increase hydration and moisture retention and gives skin a smoother appearance, diminishing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. One of my most popular facials is the full-face transformation that is a combination of chemical peels, skin boosters, mesotherapy, Cryo Therapy, Plason, and LED light!

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