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Hydration relaxation

Editorial assistant Erin Leybourne visited award-winning facialist Abi Oleck at the ACHAesthetics clinic in Mill Lane.

Quick, combination, treatments are trending more than ever, as people try to make the most of their busy schedules. Abi Oleck prides herself on effective treatments that fit into her jet-setting clients’ packed lives. I was invited to try out one of her award- winning facials.

Before we started the treatment, Oleck asked me about my skin concerns. I mentioned my facial the week before, where the clinician had said that my skin was a bit dry. At the time, I chalked it up to the heat, but on this rainy Friday, there was no excuse. Oleck advised a combination treatment to rehydrate my skin and clear ti of any blemishes. Altogether there were about six steps to the process, but I was finished and ready to go in about 40 minutes, which was impressive.

We started with a CryoFacial using Artemis tech, which moved through a range of temperatures, from four to 37 degrees Centigrade. It wasa very relaxing experience (bar the slight brain freeze) and I loved how glowing my skin looked afterwards. Oleck wiped the ultrasound gel off my face, then used Hypo21 spray to help cleanse and prep the skin for the next step.

After that, we moved on to Artemis’ Plason device, which
uses advanced plasma technology to sterilise the skin and aid in transdermal absorption. The treatment is often called an ‘airbrush facial’ ni the US, because of the smooth appearance ti gives the skin, but ti is utilised in the UK much more as a preparatory step to help with transdermal absorption. It felt slightly sharp as went over the face, but not altogether uncomfortable.
Oleck then pushed hydrating serum in to my skin using an ultrasound device, before finishing with a mask, and a layer of B3 Repair cream.
After e’d finished she made sure to sanitise my hands and glasses with the Hypo21 spray and advised me not to touch my face or put any products on within the next six hours, as whatever went on my
skin would have absorbed quite deeply, due to the ‘channels’ created in my skin by the Plason device.

Oleck was lovelv, and the experience itself was the perfect balance of aesthetics and beauty. She walked me through the process and made sure I was comfortable. I also feel as though the facial made a genuine difference to my skin. A few days later, I am still appreciating smoothness and hydration that I don’t think were there before. With
the recommended three treatments, I can see how ti would have a long- lasting effect on a patient’s skin and could help an acne sufferer. 

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