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Beauty expert Abi Oleck, of BeauSkin London, whose ­clients include Lady Gaga and Jayne Torvill, said: “During lockdown, there has been an explosion of men ­becoming ­conscious of how they look, as they have had more time on their hands. “So it’s no surprise to me that a quarter of British men pinch their partner’s beauty…


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Celebrity facialist and skin expert, Abi Oleck says, “Typically, it’s an ingredient used in products that help dark spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. On top of that, it also plays a vital role in repairing skin and also helps the production of the skins ceramides, thus protecting and repairing our skins’ natural barrier function. It’s considered a…


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Abi Oleck, celebrity facialist and aesthetics expert at BeauSkin London, explains the logic. “We have approximately 20,000 pores on our faces. A higher level of sebum activity tends to correlate to a larger pore size. In the summer, we tend to swear more and this, combined with excess oil, can clog the pores,” she says. What’s…


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Abigail Oleck-Hewett from hair and beauty salon BeauSkin London says, “unfortunately, clients are very much less inclined to tip when using cashless especially when preparing for treatments and booking online. Therefore, we will be working on a percentage commission for our team on all retail orders from their clients, even online orders and treatments bookings”

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Like many experts, facialist Abi Oleck recommends a double cleanse at night: “Several types of skin stressors contribute to premature ageing by increasing inflammation,” she explains. “So to avoid skin damage, carry out a double cleanse in the evening to help reduce toxins found in the pollution and dirt that blocks pores.” The type of cleanser you use…


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“Hair should be washed over the basin or bath, as shampoos may contain harsh chemicals that you don’t want running over your face or body. Conditioners can also leave a film on the skin that can lead to breakouts and prevent SPFs from working properly,” warns celebrity facialist Abi Oleck. And it’s not just your…


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Abigail Oleck-Hewett is the MD of BeauSkin London, a hair and beauty salon in the capital. She said: “Unfortunately, clients are very much less inclined to tip when using cashless, especially when prepaying for treatments and booking online. Therefore, we will be working on a % commission for our team on all retail orders from…


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‘Apply your eye cream after cleansing and before serum and moisturiser’ advises facialist and skincare expert Abi Oleck ‘ This way, the ingredients can absorb into the correct target area’ You only need a tiny amount of a product, too much and you’ll overwhelm the delicate skin. Espa Depuff & Sooth Eye Gel £45, John…


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Abi Oleck, celebrity facialist and skin expert, concurs that cleansers are are vital: ‘Wearing a mask will cause the skin to sweat and pores to become blocked with sebum and bacteria. Double cleansing morning and night is essential for keeping the pores clear of irritating toxins’

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