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Professional Peels & Facials

Over 30 years perfecting skin science

We are delighted to offer the Murad range of peels and facials

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Experience luxurious and natural skin treatments that are proven and effective

100% Cruelty-FREE Paraben FREE Botanical Ingredients and FREE from harsh additives

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Signature BeauSkin  Science Youth Glow with  7 point skin analysis and consultation

A bespoke and customized facial especially for you


Beau Prepare to Party face -Glow it!

£99 - 60 mins

Get your glow back; Following a triple cleanse using a cocktail of vitamins and AHA' and a strong facial massage to get the skin in shape for the big night. Hand and arm massage included.

We use Green LED therapy for cellular hydration and after skin is bathed in liquid hydration.

Medi Facial


£49 - 30mins

Our signature weekly must have. A quick all round facial that gives a fresh and glowing result.



£75 - 40 mins

Our signature LED therapy treatment. Following a double cleanse you have 30 mins under the LED light ( your aesthetician will choose colour best suited for you) and skin is infused with powerful hydrating ingredients.

This includes an arm and hand massage. LED light therapy is fundamental beauty treatment that enhances and maintains results of everything included in your skincare routine.

It treats the skin from within, boosts the lymphatic system making skin look brighter and smoother than ever before. This has a fantastic calming and healing effect.

Beau Anti Aging Youth Glow

£99 - 55 mins

Following a double cleanse, you skin is bathed in brightening, plumping and firming ingredients. This is a skin thrust quenching treatment and includes Murad peel exfoliation.

See immediate results including restored hydration, decreased appearance of enlarged pores, improved skin tone and texture, reduced pigmentation, improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Includes, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, face & neck/shoulder massage, mask, hydration moisturiser and protection .

Anti Acne

£99 - 55 mins

Following a steam, extraction with double cleanse, your skin is invigorated with deep cleaning treatments and ingredients.

This is a skin clearing treatment and includes a relaxing facials and arm and hand massage, a clarity mask and Murad peel exfoliation tailored to your skin concerns.

BeauGlow Peels

£110 - 70 mins

These facials have been designed by Doctors to help with pigmentation, rosacea, dehydration, sensitivity, acne and congestion problems.

We use cosmeceutical brands such as Cosmedix so you experience luxurious and natural skin treatments that are proven and effective100% Cruelty-FREE Paraben FREE Botanical Ingredients and FREE from harsh additives.

Using Holistic Dermatology, these botanical products are working with nature to provide top class results Following a 7 point in-depth skin analysis with your aesthetician whom will develop a bespoke plan for you using a mix of vitamins and/or acids. This treatment includes LED light therapy.

BeauDema Egyptian Facial – Clean, hydrate and restore!

£125 - 70 mins

Following a double cleanse and a light latic acid mask to aid deep exfoliation. Your aesthetician with steam extract blackheads and will dermaplane your face expertly using a scalpel to remove peach fuzz hairs and surface dead skin cells followed by a deep facial massage with Vitamin and antioxidants.

The Beau's Gentleman's Facial

£120 - 60 mins

Time for men skincare. This stimulating treatment is specifically designed for male skin. It counteracts the effects of under-eye circles, stress and daily shaving which can result in dull, lifeless skin. Extractions to remove blackheads and vitamin infused masks.

This exclusive combination of highly effective products adapts to the needs of each skin type while the comforting massages for the scalp, neck and shoulders will transports the client into a state of profound relaxation who de-stress using steaming towels.

The treatment concludes with a stimulating face massage that will provide the skin with a clean, youthful and revitalised appearance.

BeauMeso Vitamin infuse it!


£160 for 2 areas - 70-90 mins

£190 for 3 areas - 70-90 mins

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment.

Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts, vitamins, which hydrate, pump and firm the skin.

Treatment also includes a collagen mask.

BeauMicro- repair it!

£125 - 70 mins

Microneedling is a procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

Treatment also includes a collagen mask.

Beau Micro dermabrasion


Following a double cleanse our micro machine sands away fine lines, wrinkles and lets your newer younger skin shine through, oaked in soothing HA and Amber LED.

ADD on to any facial;

Extraction and Steam 20 mins - £25

LED light £1 per min

facial massage 20 mins - £25


I want it all! - £495

6 sessions of the above

Beau's Wedding Prep- £249

1 Egyptian facial 1 Beauglow 1 BeauMeso

Non package treatments

Signature BeauSkin Youth glow - £175 - 90 mins

Youth Glow- for mature/aging skin

This treatment is a bespoke treatment and your Aesthetic practitioner will choose from a selection of skin rejuvenation treatments.This is focused of brightening, hydrating and firming and can include aesthetic tool machine work/LED as required .


Signature BeauSkin Clarity glow - £175 - 90 mins

Clear Glow for problem/congested skin

This treatment is a bespoke treatment and your Aesthetic practitioner will choose from a selection of skin rejuvenation treatments. This is focused on the "Hollywood Technique" extractions, Vitamin infusions and can include aesthetic tool machine work/LED as required

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