By Abi Oleck | 27th June 2022

“First, there are immediate removal products which are usually just a form of cleaner that washes away fake tan before it has chance to sink into the skin,” explains Abi Oleck, skin expert at Utan. So they’re best used if you’ve made any obvious application mistakes as they give you a chance to rectify them.…

Glamour Magazine

By digiadmin | 23rd June 2022


By Abi Oleck | 25th April 2022

The best ice globes and cryotherapy tools are some of the most effective at-home facial massage tools the skincare industry has on offer. And their popularity all started on (yep, you guessed it) TikTok.  Sometimes TikTok is great for beauty hacks – from must-try eyeliner hacks to filters that help you contour like a pro – but sometimes it’s fair to say the advice…

Woman’s Own

By Abi Oleck | 25th April 2022


By Abi Oleck | 25th April 2022

Congratulations to Abi Oleck who is now the ambassador for several well-known skincare brands and has been nominated for various awards including being chosen as the finalist in the ‘Mobile Therapist’ category of the BABTAC & CIBTAC Awards 2022. Abi was previously the UK’s national winner in the “Charity Champion” category of the BABTAC Inspiring Beauty Awards, for her…


By Abi Oleck | 2nd March 2022

“The key here is to get a proper medical consultation first before buying a kit – after all, they are acid and if not managed properly, can result in damage.” explains celebrity facialist and skincare expert Abigail Oleck. “Sensitive skin has a compromised barrier, which means the barrier function must be repaired and the skin prepped…

Mr Porter

By Abi Oleck | 22nd November 2021

If you have any hesitation about booking a treatment, know that male skin does have its needs. “Men’s skin tends to be oilier with larger pores,” says Ms Abi Oleck, a facialist who recently launched a treatment tailored to men called Beau Bespoke. “Dehydration and congestion are also typical male concerns.”


By Abi Oleck | 15th November 2021

Like many experts, facialist Abi Oleck recommends a double cleanse at night: “Several types of skin stressors contribute to premature ageing by increasing inflammation,” she explains. “So to avoid skin damage, carry out a double cleanse in the evening to help reduce toxins found in the pollution and dirt that blocks pores.” The type of cleanser you use is…

Woman & Home Coverage

By digiadmin | 1st November 2021

Health & Wellbeing

By digiadmin | 14th July 2021

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