The best ice globes and cryotherapy tools are some of the most effective at-home facial massage tools the skincare industry has on offer. And their popularity all started on (yep, you guessed it) TikTok. 

Sometimes TikTok is great for beauty hacks – from must-try eyeliner hacks to filters that help you contour like a pro – but sometimes it’s fair to say the advice is a little bit… questionable. The latest case in point? People who’re using actual blocks of ice on their faces first thing in the morning or before a big night out to help calm redness and reduce swelling and de-puff. You might have seen the videos, but actually, using literal ice fresh from the freezer can actually cause more harm than good.

“If you’re using ice, stop. It can cause ice burns and broken capillaries,” says cosmetic scientist Carly Musleh. “Instead, try ice globes, which are very cold but not frozen. These facials are based on cryotherapy,” she says.

But what exactly is cryotherapy and how does it work? Here, we’ve broken it down and found the best ice globes for face to use at home without the risk of causing ice burns…

What is cryotherapy?

Using ice globes is a form of cryotherapy, which is the use of extreme cold to help blood vessels constrict to reduce the appearance of redness, inflammation or swelling. It also helps decrease puffiness, cools the skin, soothes tired eyes and is even good for releasing built-up tension at the nape of the neck.

What are ice globes?

Ice globes are freezer-friendly tools, most often they are made of glass and have a handle and one spherical-shaped end that’s filled with anti-freeze liquid. However, some are made from stainless steel. They can be kept in the freezer or just pop them in 20 minutes or so before you want to use them, and then you can roll or massage your face with them.

What are the benefits of using ice globes and other cryotherapy tools?

Whether you use globes made of glass or stainless steel, the benefits are pretty similar. “They’re good for calming inflammation, waking up your skin in the morning, cooling menopausal hot flushes, soothing broken capillaries and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores,” explains skin therapist Joyce Conner. “Any skin type can use and benefit from using an ice globe or having a cryotherapy treatment,” she says. They can even have a tightening effect on skin which can also create a more lifted appearance to skin, too.

What is the best way to use ice globes and other cryotherapy tools?

“Ice globes can be used at a few different points of your skincare routine,” says Conner. You can use them as the first step as soon as you wake up, or you can use them after cleansing and before applying your usual skincare, or they can even be used during serum application of your skincare routine – that’ll help the product you’re using to penetrate better.

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